25 Sep 2021

Profitable Business Ideas

A few low investments and profitable business ideas that one can start with are:

1. Coaching Classes

If an individual has an interest, and expertise in any subject like a fever for Mathematics, chemistry with Chemistry, or knows a foreign language and likes teaching, they can choose to start their coaching classes with the mere investment of a whiteboard, marker, duster, and a room. After the business grows, they can expand the business and appoint other experts for other subjects. The coaching classes business is the one that never fails.

2. Catering Business

Be it a birthday party, anniversary celebration, wedding, or any other function, it is incomplete without good food. If a person has a passion for good food, all they need is a kitchen, big utensils to cook in, some people to handle cooking, logistics, serving, etc. The catering business can never go out of fashion looking at the number of functions our country has. For starting a catering business, all you need is a small investment,

3. Social Media Agency

In today’s digital era, most companies wish to expand digitally by advertising through digital channels and social media marketing. A person possessing adequate knowledge of marketing, communications, brand building, and social media can conveniently start their own social media agency. The requirements to start one are simply an office, a few computers, and some people.

Some Creative Business Ideas

4. Cafe

A café is considered a good place for doing work by many and also a lot of events are held in cafes nowadays. People like to meet and greet in a café. A rented or owned, well-furnished café with good ambiance and themed interiors is all that is needed to attract people. FlexiLoans provides business loans for a coffee shop.

5. Antiques Store

People love having antique items or furniture, which have different shapes and patterns over their place or at their offices. So, an antique store business never fails if the entrepreneur nails at finding the right audience for these antiques.

6. Interior Designers

If a person has a degree in architecture or designing and has a passion for decorating houses, they can start interior designing. The real estate business in India is growing day by day, and the demand for interior designers has also taken an upward flow.

Business from Home Ideas

7. Handmade Chocolate Business

The demand for handmade chocolate has been increasing dramatically recently. Be it any occasion or even though there is no occasion, people love having chocolates with simple tools, raw materials, and a small investment. This business can take a boom and can start from home itself.

8. Tiffin Services

The demand for home-cooked food by the people who stay away from their home is something to grab an opportunity for. Even the people who work and do not get time to cook create a significant part of the demand for tiffin services. Someone who can cook delicious food can start by providing tiffin services. The investment for this business is not huge, but the returns certainly are.

9. Hobby Class

This business lets a person enjoy while earning. Nowadays parents want their children to learn different things out of their usual course books. A person who possesses any skills like dancing, singing, painting, origami, etc., can start a hobby class. The best time for this business is the summer vacations as the parents do not want their children to roam around outside in the sun.