22 Sep 2021

How To Kick-Start the Friendship

Some people do what I just told you and still can’t create new friendships. And that’s because
they don’t know a simple, but crucial tip, that you’re about to find
out: having one commonality with someone is not enough—you need two commonalities to
create a friendship.
When you go to the social gatherings and start meeting new people, look for things that you
have in common other than the main subject of the meeting.
The formula goes like this:
First Commonality + Second Commonality = Potential Friendship
Most people think they need one commonality with a person to create a friendship, and it can
be frustrating and lonely when they actually meet interesting people but can’t make friends
with them. Now that you know this crucial tip, you can discover even more pieces to your
success in getting the friends you want in your life.