While social media has made the world a really small place, there aren’t too many platforms that can fully integrate the essence of a personal connection and professional framework. We aim to develop a one-stop platform for individuals as well as business, to serve the purpose of promoting business, getting jobs, and socialize along with it. A platform that allows users to select their interests, following which they will be seeing trending content dedicated entirely or partially to their selected choices. We strive to provide our users with a service unmatched by any of the available platforms for the overall growth of the individual along with the right dose of latest updates and entertainment.
This is where Connect.in aspires to make a difference.

Connect: Bridging Hearts, Amplifying Sales

Connect is a one-of-its-kind social media platform that blends the magic of conventional social media applications with employment-oriented online service. By onboarding people following different pursuits, we make sure that everyone finds what they are looking for. Whether you are in search of like-minded individuals, job opportunities, or simply a diverse market where you can promote your business, Connect has you covered.

Birds of A Feather, Flock Together- Indeed!

We, at Connect, are fully aware of the role that validation plays in a person’s life. And what could be better than finding it from people with the same interests as you? At Connect, you can search for people based on mutual interests that might range from common hobbies, similar ideologies, the line of profession, or shared business objectives. Thus, it lets you find people who view things in a similar light as yourself, allowing you to discuss with them almost everything under the sun and helping you forge bonds that are purely based on shared interests. Also, you can find lucrative job opportunities by keeping a tab on businesses operating in your area that are looking to recruit new talent and contact them directly. So, you can bid goodbye to the hassle of constantly nagging recruitment firms to help you find the job that’s most suitable for you. Thus, Connect gives you the charge that you’ve always wanted to have over your professional life.

Parents of Students Finding Online Tutors and Vice-Versa

Ease of access can be considered one of the best developments in the field of technology, and the internet, specifically social media platforms, provides us with what we require at our fingertips. With Connect.in, you need not worry about finding a perfect tutor for your child to cover those extra topics

You can easily find a tutor near you for your desired subject and discuss matters whether you’ll be having online or offline classes, without the need of visiting each and every tutor in your area physically. This eliminates the hustle and worry of both the students and their parents to get a tutor as on Connect.in, you won’t be required to ask for timings to visit the tuition place, and you don’t actually need to go there before you mutually close the deal on subjects and fees matters.

Well, social media doesn’t work in singular directions, it is a platform that establishes a link between two communicators, and hence, vice-versa of requirements can also be fulfilled. Tutors searching for students or setting up a new batch for crash courses, or any institute looking forward to admitting new opportunists, can conveniently start publishing their vacancies.

The published requirements will be enlisted in the search queries of students on the platform. In addition to this, you will be having your own personalized profile on which you can mention details such as the subjects you cover, timings of batches, and even particular topics to stress more on. Hence, you no longer require printing pamphlets, banners, and posters to do advertisements for you, as you are getting leads for just the cost of your internet data usage and nothing else.

Connect.in will lead you to the results you desire the most, you just need to type your requirement in the search box and it is done.

Medical Professionals and People

Most of the healthcare providers, or for that matter, doctors have less spare time to stay regular on social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn etc. When problem-solving and working with the most trustworthy comes on the way, it is best to find connections through your peers. This is when Connect.in comes into the picture. You can search for a doctor, and every doctor available in your locality would be listed on your screen. Connect.in facilitates easy communication between medical professionals and an a number of people who need to seek their guidance. A healthcare provider can answer the questions asked, post about their observations, and get others’ opinions on the same. Connect.in also allows you to chat with them on the same platform. It is created in such a way that it helps you to stay connected with any kind of caregiver in the field of medicine and doctors, even in the future.

User-Friendly Platform

With a user-friendly featured platform for the ease of people, it lets you access the whole community of doctors in just a click. Medical professionals find it more troublesome to interact with people, but with Connect.in, it becomes easy to find someone from the same field easily. It is proving to be helpful for both- healthcare professionals and other people.

Employers Finding Freelancers

Turning ideas into reality is one of the reasons why freelancing is becoming famous with each day passing by. People often pursue a life that the world desires, often leaving a life that they are passionate about. But with the enormous options available in Connect.in to get started with, it is never too late to follow your passion. The world is changing post-pandemic. The new normal office is your home workstation. Therefore, we aim to provide a platform where talent can be easily united with more employment opportunities.

If you plan on hiring a freelancer, then we’ve got it covered for you. It is a great opportunity for all in-house employees. Well! Connect.in is absolutely free and easy to post a vacancy for your firm or institution. It helps you to build a strategic connection that can benefit both the parties- employees and freelancers. Get started by filling in a title and then explaining the job. As soon as you post it, you will start getting replies.

How To Find Freelancing Projects?

When you search for freelance jobs there are certain things you need to consider. The most important one is to build connections who can get you more clients. This social media platform serves you, clients, from different niches on one platform. Freelancing is not only needed to utilize your time for clients but also to create what you aspire to. However, a lot of freelancers overwork and still tend to be underpaid. With Connect.in you can have a wide range of clients to pick from and to chat to on the same platform. You can choose who you want to work with. We offer you excellent resources that consist of support, guidance, and multiple tools. Additionally, you can have access to the remote and flexible job along with the client’s support, which is just a text away. If you wish to keep them even in the future, you can easily stay connected with them through direct messages.

Find Architects and Auditors

Architects and auditors are not so commonly available. It takes time and effort to find at least one in your locality. If you look closely on Connect.in you will know that it is no big deal to find them in your locality. What is hard is to shortlist the one that fits your needs well. Connect.in brings to you a large variety of architects and auditors to get started with your house project or any building for that matter.

Find Auditors

You like a house and now you wish to own the same. It can be a real deal to manage your finances and get started with the interiors of the house. An auditor can help you with your finances by expressing their independent and objective opinions on your finances or the division of the same. Here is how you can have access to as many ideas as you want. Connect.in lets you chat with auditors to get a rough idea of who can be a better choice for your requirements.

Find Architects

Connect.in allows you to see the long history of architects delivering exquisitely designed projects across the different construction sites through their linked Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Connect.in links you to their social profiles and also has an inbuilt gallery which allows you to see their works.

Find Plumbers and Carpenters

Plumbers and carpenters- The two most common professions needed in almost every household every now and then. It is important to consider the work that needs to be done when you hire a plumber or a carpenter. While in some cases it could be possible that your plumber or carpenter might be doing good work, but there are times around festivals when you need them the most and they are not available. Or maybe your plumber or carpenter does an unsatisfactory work. Do you recall any way through which you can know the real profession of people or their qualification in their respective fields? It is possible with Connect.in. You can scroll down the best plumbers or carpenters around your place and connect with them online for free.

How Does It Help?

Through Connect.in you can negotiate your price and then confirm the deal whenever you want. It will let you access the leading plumbers or carpenters of your area. Connect.in is your only one-stop solution to deal with all your apartment, villa, or office construction or maintenance work at any time. The commitment to increasing your connections lets you add expertise, good service, and trust into your household work. You can filter your needs the way you want them. Ranging from professionalism to cost-friendly plumbers or carpenters, it lets you fix the price for the work before the visit takes place. You can constantly ask for more help from the same connection you made, for as long as you want. Above all is the fact that it is completely free to hunt the best plumber or carpenter in your area.

Find Beauty Stylist and Fitness Trainers

Not every beauty stylist or fitness trainer is made for you. It can be a daunting task to find the right person. Whether it is about improving your squat form or the texture of your skin, you can get guidance on almost anything and everything. Getting the right trainer can be way more important than you think. They literally help you to get the ideal body you strive to become. A beauty stylist, on the other hand, can transform you completely, inside out. In Connect.in it is a great way to find out beauty stylists and fitness trainers around your area using the search by locality feature. With easy access to their Instagram / Twitter handles, you can learn more about them and make the right choice.

Target the Right Audience

If you run a beauty parlon or a saloon you can grow your customer base and attract more of them in Connect.in. It is a sigh of relief for business owners in terms of marketing with a readily accessible customer base and also that allows you to chat with the right audience on the same platform. Your customers can stay connected with you in order to avail future offers and deals. This social media platform can help you to build your brand with more customers reaching up to you almost every other day. The more you look for the customers around you, the more your feed shows the right audience to you. Connect.in is building a place where customers and owners can feel safe to interact and build a lot of connections.

Find Event Managers and Organizers

Do you have a desk full of marriage cards or want to conduct a special birthday party for your loved one and need someone to handle half of the pressure of organizing the bash? Don’t worry! Connect.in is just a search away. You can find a wide range of event managers or organizers. It is high time to use the benefits of technology. You can find the best of the best in just a search. Not just this! Your feed will bombard similar search content. Networking has become quite complicated lately. With multiple sites being used for different purposes, it has created hassle in the market. This social media platform is an umbrella platform for all your needs. From professional associates to making new friends, it gives you everything

Connecting with them might demand you to do your research well on what you are looking for. From small gatherings of a couple of dozens of guests to a big fat Indian wedding, an event manager or organizer can bring justice to your excitement. Shortlist a theme for your event, design every part of it in your head, and expresses it on your page. The organizers or managers in your locality will get to you as soon as they get it posted. Connect.in gives you the option to message event organizers on the platform, and even chat through the inbuilt chat interface. State everything clearly as to what you are expecting from the event manager or organizer in terms of budget and decoration, everything. Experience is important to consider. You can ask them yourself or check their profile for every bit of detail. Your satisfaction might come from the reviews, so make sure to check for social handles in their connect profile page. This can help you to get 100% assurance on the event manager or organizer you are considering. In the future, you can stay connected with them to know about any further information.








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Meta Connect

Imagine getting connected to people having the same interest, staying in the same locality virtually. With Web 3.0, information is more connected thanks to semantic metadata. As a result, the user experience evolves to another level of connectivity that leverages all the available information. The semantic web improves web technologies in demand to create, share and connect content through search and analysis based on the capability to comprehend the meaning of words. This is an advanced next-generation technology for the internet.

Web 3.0 targets machine learning and artificial intelligence and helps to arrange & well structure the data on the internet to make them easily accessible to any sort of users all around the world. With augmented reality and virtual reality, we believe Connect. in can give an immersive experience to the users in the future through Meta Connect.


Video Connect

Video Connect is an upcoming feature that enables users to make video calls to connections with ease, Video calls are like phone calls, but instead of connecting across your telephone line, video calls are connected over the internet. This means if you have a camera connected, your friend, family member or your other connections will be able to see you on their screen while you are talking.

Doctor Consultations, Hiring freelancers, Online Education, Staying in touch with family, meeting new people are some of the best use cases of Video Connect.

Auto Connect

Get automatically connected to people who share the same interest, reside in the same locality, work in the same company or industry and in the same age group. This feature uses Artificial Intelligence to programmatically connect two like-minded individuals who have both enabled auto connect. To get started, login to Connect.in and navigate to Connections and then Settings.